Kryptonite or Cryptocurrency

As a society we seem to have an insatiable appetite for Greed. Why are we motivated to amass more wealth than we actually need to feel comfortable? Our society is now caught between the popular cultural symbols of the Red and Blue pill phenomenon. This ideology was first brought to our attention by the movie “The Matrix”. The knowledge, Freedom and sometimes “painful truth” of Reality (Red Pill) / or  accepting the Falsehood , Security and the blissful ignorance of Illusion (Blue Pill). Now, if the Stock Market wasn’t enough to stimulate our fantasies of invested money rising to the moon in a Mushroom cloud (which never happened). We now have a Coined Market Exchange known as Cryptocurrency which is essentially A (Peer-to-Peer Electronic/ Virtual Cash System). The Mothership of this Exchange is known as Bitcoin. This is the Big Cahoona, the Grand Daddy, the Macaroni and Cheese of Crypto Baby. The idea is that you would be able to make on-line payments directly to and from one  party to another without going through a financial institution.  You have to be kidding me… the American Big Banks will not sit by idly while they’re getting cut out of Billions of dollars of transaction fees annually. In the mean time, there are other Cryptocoins trying position themselves for Stardom in this Hypersensitive Environment. It’s like the DOW Industrials on “Crystal Meth”,  it’s very addictive and promises of Huge monetary gains in a very short period of time. This market is now known as the Poor Folks Stock Exchange. Anyone with minimal money can invest and can reap substantial  positive gains just like the Big Boys on Wall Street.  The general population is still a little skeptical of this new Non-Governmental Exchange. Once Amazon starts accepting Cryptocurrency, it’s a “Done Deal”, it’s the real thing. Get this…..they say you can invest $1,000 and in 6 months you can earn over $50,000.  I’m going to make an investment soon. I will keep you posted.

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