How long will this Bull Market last? The answer is…it’s not Real. It’s a Virtual Reality Market, and/or HD Propaganda.  Let me Explain…. The obvious reason is that the Assets listed are valued too high. Everything looks Fantastic on paper, but once you make a redemption your projected gains will have Vaporized, resulting in lower actualized profit. And like all disclaimers, these statements are the opinions of the Rife 1 Economic Research team. Many investors have heard the rumblings that this Bull market will run out of gas soon.  As trend followers these investors are always chasing the excitement that the market can go much longer than people think, sort of like at the casino.

The so-called smart investor will be investigating their options on how to protect themselves against a possible market correction. My advice to current investors is to cash in your chips now, and transfer you funds to a vehicle with less volatility, it would be a worthwhile move. Oh by the way….Trump had nothing to do with this Market’s meteoric Rise. Obama had set the foundation for this gradual trajectory in 2009, and Corporate investors haven’t looked back since.  I will Chop it up with you next time and share my Projections for the Future.

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