The much Anticipated Marvel movie the “Black  Panther” finally dropped last weekend. The folks at Disney are watching the money pile up at $195 million, the last I heard at the box offices. This Afro-Futuristic Sci-fi Epic, has Black movie goers claiming this is their breakthrough moment in the Sci-Fi Motion Picture Stratosphere. The friction among the Tribes of Wakanda is at the Epicenter of the soon to be Trilogy, the Political intrigue of the land has only just Begun. I believe this does set the stage for Black Panther II to infuse the Attitude of Racial and Class Division in the World and what it will Truly look like in the Future.


I myself have not seen the movie. I wasn’t into the Marvel Super Hero Trilogies that much, they seem interesting but not Fascinating to me. However I am  Perplexed at all the energy that has been associated with this Movie by Black movie goers. I’m sure they know that none of that money will be going to help anyone in the Black community to over come the 200 years of Psychological warfare that had been inflicted on our ancestors as American Slaves. This Post Traumatic Slavery Disorder is still affecting our people to this very day. Maybe they are associating it with the Black Panther movement back the 60’s which addressed Racial and Economic injustice in our Communities.  African American’s from the past have a very different view of America than that of the  young, and Black immigrants that come to America on their own free will and prosper on the Streets that my Ancestor’s fought and died to walk on freely. A lot of us have pushed through the Disorder,  a lot of us have not. This is not an excuse of why we haven’t flourished as a people, it’s just fact. I’m Glad that the Black Panther Movie was a Success. I just want African Americans with ancestors that were born in this country to be mindful that they are Descendants of the American Slave Trade while they Gettin Lit on Panther.

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