What’s up my Peoples, I did drop a few Cronies on Bitcoin the last time I posted, however I didn’t get greedy.  My patience paid off, because the whole Bitcoin Squad has taken a Hit! As of now the price is hovering around $6.5K, a drop from a high of $19.5k two months ago. This Bitcoin crash has been Severe to say the Least, we’re talkin about a (60% Pull Back). And all the other Cryptocoins are following suit. But you know what the “Big Ballers” are saying, send Up the Buy Orders, send your Dollar Troops in to Retrieve the Spoils. This Hypersensitive Environment ain’t no Joke!  The investors that have seen their Positions Dwindle are hoping it has bottomed out at this point. It was interesting to see the Bitcoin Bubble and Crash happening in Real-Time. If it drops below $5k, that’s going to be Creepy. Okay Guys, I’m getting ready to take off. Please be Cautious and invest Within your Means don’t over extend yourself. See ya on the next post!

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