Leveraging is the ability to control a lot with just a little. It gives you the ability to utilize more than just what you have. Through leverage, you can effect change much more rapidly. Leverage accelerates the speed of potential wealth. The more leverage you have, the faster you will reach your stated goals. Most wealthy people use the tool of leveraging when dealing with finances. If you want to become wealthy you need to start stackin chips and borrow other people’s money for investments and watch the money pile up. You don’t have to be “Ben Carson” to figure this one out. Like they say ” you need money to make money” It just doesn’t have to be your money. Make sure you follow the proper tax laws in your area and you should be all good!

Break Through the Poverty Mind Set


Having a poverty mind-set prohibits the use of your critical thinking skills. You are primarily concerned about survival, instead of positioning yourself for Advancement. You must visualize reaching your goals and feeling the pleasure it will bring into  your life. Nothing good ever happens until you take action. It takes Courage and Persistence to move beyond your present circumstances.