So you wonder why Black Folks haven’t broken away from the Hypnotic Trance of our Oppressors and Blazed a path of unparalleled Advancements like our Ancestors.

It’s Simple….we are Distracted. You have to step back and see what’s Really going on Around you. It’s all subliminal now, we are being bombarded with messages that are directed straight to our subconscious mind. The powers that Be ain’t playin because time is running out. Our society is getting smarter with each passing day. They prey upon the uneducated and the uncurious because there are more of them, and they use them as resistance fighters.

You must break the Mental Shackles of Slavery by giving away the knowledge you are trying to sell to your own people. Nice try, but big mistake. By doing so you will break the Psychological Paradigm that has been socially engineered on our recent Generations. They had to update the HD programming because of the New technology to keep our society as a whole in check. Black or white people,  it won’t make a difference, it will soon evolve into obvious Class Warfare. White folks will soon understand it was always part of the Matrix to pit White’s and Black’s against each other.

* Positive information that flows freely will find its Targeted Audience.

* The quest for Black Excellence will become Insatiable and Envied.

*  Our Minds and Bodies will not Crave the Toxins and HD Programming that have been injected into the basic Algorithms of American society.

* We will see the world through a New lens of Discernment that will  Transcend our previous Values and Beliefs.

* The key is to sell Products and Services, not Knowledge to our people. That knowledge will also be subliminal. There’s enough money out here for everyone. Don’t believe then Hype!

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Remember the time….


When black Kings and Queens were the foothold of our society. They exhibited the strength, courage, and knowledge that has yet to be paralleled nowhere on earth. We are starting to see flashbacks of the past, it’s sprouting from the concrete jungle’s of the future.   Let’s reflect….

African Kings
AFFONSO I KING OF THE KONGO (1506-1540) Affonso I was a visionary, a man who saw his country not as a group of separate cultures, but as a unified nation fully equipped with advanced knowledge and technology. He was also known as the first ruler to resist the most despicable act ever known to man, the European slave trade.

 AKHENATON The Creator of Monotheism (1375-1358 B.C)
Akhenaton was the first ruler in recorded history to believe in the concept of One God. He also taught this concept to all his citizens. He built a new city in the desert that was dedicated to religion, art and music. This new city, Akhenaton (now Tell el Amara), with its lush gardens and magnificent buildings is where

Akhenaton and his wife Queen Nefertiti changed Kemet’s culture so radically that their influence is felt for centuries right up until today. Akhenaton was also the first Pharaoh of whom a true likeness is recorded as shown in the picture to the left.

Askia Toure united the entire central region of the Western Sudan, and established a governmental machine that is still revered today for its detail and efficiency. He divided his country into provinces, each with a professional administrator as governor, and ruled each fairly and uniformly through a staff of distinguished legal experts and judges.

Behanzin was the most powerful ruler in West Africa during the end of the nineteenth century. He strongly resisted European intervention into his country. This was done with a physically fit army which included a division of five thousands female warriors. He is often referred to as the King Shark, a Dahomeyan surname which symbolized strength and wisdom. He was also fond of humanities and is credited with the creation of some of the finest song and poetry ever produced in Dahomey.

Hannibal is well known as the greatest general and military strategist who ever lived. He used his overpowering African armies to conquer major portions of Spain and Italy and came very close to defeating the Roman Empire. His audacious moves-such as marching his army with African War elephants through the treacherous Alps to surprise and conquer northern Italy and his tactical genius, as illustrated by the battle of Cannae where his seemingly trapped army cleverly surrounded and destroy a much larger Roman force, won him recognition which has spanned more than 2000 years. His tactics are still being studied in many military schools today.

He is credited with re-uniting two of Africa’s Kingdoms, the kingdoms of Kanem and Bornu. This union lasted many generations with sustain peace becoming a part of the Bornu.

Imhotep was the royal advisor to King Zoser during the Third Dynasty of Kemet. Regarded as the world’s first recorded multi-genius, Imhotep was an architect, astronomer, philosopher, poet and physician. As an architect he was responsible for designing the Step Pyramid and the Saqqara Complex. During his lifetime he was given a host of titles, among them:Chancellor of the King of Lower Kemet, the First after the King of Upper Kemet, High Priest of Heliopolis and Administrator of the Great Palace. As a physcian, Imhotep is believed to have been the author of the Edwin Smith Papyrus in which more than 90 anatomical terms and 48 injuries are described. This is well over 2,200 years before the Western Father of Medicine Hippocrates is born. Some 2,000 years after his death, Imhotep was deified by the inhabitants of Kemet and was known later as Asclepius, God of Medicine, to the Greeks. His very name, Im-Hotep, translates as the Prince of Peace. His tomb near Memphis became a sacred place and the site of pilgrimages for those seeking a cure. As a philosopher and poet, Imhotep’s most remembered phrase is: “Eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we shall die.” There still remain many bronze statuettes, temples and sanatoria bearing his name, as is depicted in the picture of the statue above.

He was the founder and leader of the territory of Opobo an area near the Eastern Nigeria River. This area was very favorable to trading. This trading route soon attracted the greedy Europeans who seek to capture this trading route. Ja Ja put up fierce resistance to this outside intervention. This resistance lasted for many years until at an older age of 70 he was finally captured by the British and sent into exile to the West Indies. The greatest Ibo leader of the nineteenth century never saw his kingdom again.

 To be continued….

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The much Anticipated Marvel movie the “Black  Panther” finally dropped last weekend. The folks at Disney are watching the money pile up at $195 million, the last I heard at the box offices. This Afro-Futuristic Sci-fi Epic, has Black movie goers claiming this is their breakthrough moment in the Sci-Fi Motion Picture Stratosphere. The friction among the Tribes of Wakanda is at the Epicenter of the soon to be Trilogy, the Political intrigue of the land has only just Begun. I believe this does set the stage for Black Panther II to infuse the Attitude of Racial and Class Division in the World and what it will Truly look like in the Future.


I myself have not seen the movie. I wasn’t into the Marvel Super Hero Trilogies that much, they seem interesting but not Fascinating to me. However I am  Perplexed at all the energy that has been associated with this Movie by Black movie goers. I’m sure they know that none of that money will be going to help anyone in the Black community to over come the 200 years of Psychological warfare that had been inflicted on our ancestors as American Slaves. This Post Traumatic Slavery Disorder is still affecting our people to this very day. Maybe they are associating it with the Black Panther movement back the 60’s which addressed Racial and Economic injustice in our Communities.  African American’s from the past have a very different view of America than that of the  young, and Black immigrants that come to America on their own free will and prosper on the Streets that my Ancestor’s fought and died to walk on freely. A lot of us have pushed through the Disorder,  a lot of us have not. This is not an excuse of why we haven’t flourished as a people, it’s just fact. I’m Glad that the Black Panther Movie was a Success. I just want African Americans with ancestors that were born in this country to be mindful that they are Descendants of the American Slave Trade while they Gettin Lit on Panther.

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In the Honor of our Ancestor’s that paved the way before us, I want to let them know that We still Rise in the face of Oppression and inequality. We continue to push forward into the future because we are a people with Determination, Courage and Compassion for our fellow-man. We will continue to Raise the Bar for the Moral Compass for our Nation. Our struggles and advancements will garner the respect of Scholars and Historians throughout the world. I am Thankful that I am living in these days and time to see the partial Evolution of our great Civilization.

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