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also known as (Generation Y) which still has me baffled, because they follow Generation X, which in turn followed the Baby Boomers. The Millennials ages (21 – 36 in 2018) have been labeled as the generation that has not figured out it’s place in American history. They are more educated than generations of the past, but still have not been able to take advantage of a Booming Economy. The Technology and the HD programming of this modern era has them a bit distracted, which is interesting because they was born in this Digital Age. Well,  I have news for them. They had better get their heads right, and prepare to lead America into the 3rd Industrial Revolution. With the exhaustion of our natural resources and declining productivity, our social and economic models will need to change. Obviously a paradigm shift will be needed, and that’s where the Millennials step in. This new 3rd Industrial Revolution will be centered around the Ultra-Fast 5G broad band and Internet Technology of the future. That means there will be high paying jobs in are own back yards in America for whoever is prepared to obtain them. A smart Digital infrastructure will need to be built to support technologies such as renewable energy and driverless mobility internet. Robots can’t do that yet, we need real people for the installation. The Millennials will determine how fast this revolution will take place. It will take strong political will from the masses to make this come about in a timely manner. Changing from fossil fuel will take an ideological shift in America. Millennials this is your chance to make history, or someone else will.

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