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So you wonder why Black Folks haven’t broken away from the Hypnotic Trance of our Oppressors and Blazed a path of unparalleled Advancements like our Ancestors. It’s Simple….we are Distracted. You have to step back and see what’s Really going on Around you. It’s all subliminal now, we are being bombarded with messages that are […]


Remember the time….   When black Kings and Queens were the foothold of our society. They exhibited the strength, courage, and knowledge that has yet to be paralleled nowhere on earth. We are starting to see flashbacks of the past, it’s sprouting from the concrete jungle’s of the future.   Let’s reflect…. African Kings AFFONSO I KING OF THE KONGO […]


The much Anticipated Marvel movie the “Black  Panther” finally dropped last weekend. The folks at Disney are watching the money pile up at $195 million, the last I heard at the box offices. This Afro-Futuristic Sci-fi Epic, has Black movie goers claiming this is their breakthrough moment in the Sci-Fi Motion Picture Stratosphere. The friction […]


What’s up my Peoples, I did drop a few Cronies on Bitcoin the last time I posted, however I didn’t get greedy.  My patience paid off, because the whole Bitcoin Squad has taken a Hit! As of now the price is hovering around $6.5K, a drop from a high of $19.5k two months ago. This […]


    In the Honor of our Ancestor’s that paved the way before us, I want to let them know that We still Rise in the face of Oppression and inequality. We continue to push forward into the future because we are a people with Determination, Courage and Compassion for our fellow-man. We will continue […]

Kryptonite or Cryptocurrency

As a society we seem to have an insatiable appetite for Greed. Why are we motivated to amass more wealth than we actually need to feel comfortable? Our society is now caught between the popular cultural symbols of the Red and Blue pill phenomenon. This ideology was first brought to our attention by the movie “The Matrix”. […]


How long will this Bull Market last? The answer is…it’s not Real. It’s a Virtual Reality Market, and/or HD Propaganda.  Let me Explain…. The obvious reason is that the Assets listed are valued too high. Everything looks Fantastic on paper, but once you make a redemption your projected gains will have Vaporized, resulting in lower […]

Secret to Success

You may have wondered why there are men and women who advance to highly paid positions with very little conscious effort while others fail to elevate their position with the same amount of training and determination.  You will find that the one who advances Believes in him/or herself. They back their beliefs with such Dynamic, […]